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Abdul Alhazred @alhazred

Im having a hard time rn bcs just broke up 2 months ago. She’s still around but she been seeing another guy recently. She told me that still love me but things getting complicated. I really hope someone can talk to me right now :'))

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Priyansh @priyansh_11

Yess brother

Abdul Alhazred @alhazred

hello, how are you?

Priyansh @priyansh_11

M fine and dw I’ll make u fine to wanna talk?

Abdul Alhazred @alhazred

sure bro


Hard times come everyone’s life. Life is just like that it’s up and down if you really love her as you also said I ll suggest take initiative and save your relationship you have to put effort it was a hard time you can start a new beginning again with her only.

Abdul Alhazred @alhazred

im still around, im still contacting her. i still want to fix things but im not sure if i could do it again. she’s been seeing a nicer dude that could be with her and provide her anything. i just felt now im just a backup plan for her.

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light @lighter

Can we talk

Abdul Alhazred @alhazred

sure, hit me up


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