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I’m happy but I feel very demotivated sometimes, is there anything that could keep me motivated all the time? I overthink a lot too and sometimes I think I bother my boyfriend a lot and I overthink a lot

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hi there!

It is completely normal to feel motivated sometimes. It happens to most of us. So, staying motivated all the time is actually a bit impossible to achieve. In fact, it’s easier to think of being dedicated to a larger goal, rather than thinking it possible to be motivated every minute of every day. For instance, with the quarantine going on, we all want to help out at home but some days are not motivated enough or lack the energy to do so. And that feels bad, because then inevitably our mothers end up doing all the work. In that case, the only thing to do is, if I have missed a day, then I make up for it by trying to get some work done the next day. That’s the only way, the intention to work and then to act on it. Don’t worry about the fact that some days might not be your best days, so don’t let them drag you down.

Overthinking can be hard, and energy-consuming, definitely. Try some activities that help you focus on the present, such as dancing, or singing out loud or even yoga if you like. Any activity that helps be more in the present.

And don’t worry about bothering your boyfriend, I’m sure he understands and I’m sure he bothers you a lot too, haha! Jokes apart, telling each other personal things, or things that we are worried about, is not bothering. That’s the best part about having somebody you can trust and be yourself with. So, don’t ever second guess yourself, for being yourself. <3

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