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I’m gonna shoot myself right now

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Raj Chauhan @raj1403

Please make sure that the lighting is good. I want to ensure that you look breathtakingly handsome/beautiful when you get the photoSHOOT done


No one cares.
If you can’t take care of yourself then go ahead.
Fixing your shit is in your hands.
Cry, if you wanna be but giving up is an act of coward.
You are supposed to think good for yourself, giving up will serve nothing.
People will still forget you.
So work hard, know who you are and strife for success.


That’s so shitty of u to say,ur not making anyone feeling better by saying that


I hadn’t said that to please you.
The reality is harsh.
I just told you the truth, if that upsets you even more then you better fix your life.
Guilt is the first step towards self introspection and if you can’t do that then you will remain in your pathetic self instead of doing and building a mentality of a person who strifes for progressive life.


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