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Im going to put this out here for anyone that wants to talk about anything, to have a chat, get something off their chest or say a small rant. Im listening and im here to try help and give support. Im no therapist/psychologist, im just here to try help / support others that want to talk about anything in these difficult times xxx

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Thanks, Rebecca-Olivia. The lockdown has taken a major hit at my productivity. I’m finding myself to be pretty useless, at work and even at home to help out with a few things. I’m able to complete what is expected of me, but I feel I am taking less initiative than ever before. If my mom tells me anything, it takes a severe hit to my sense of self and I feel so small like nothing I have done so far has any value. Maybe my emotions have heightened being at home. But I wish I could live life as usual, and get my mojo back. Thanks for listening.


Thank you so much for responding. I really value your words and your time spent in writing this. I will try my best to implement most of the things you have mentioned. Thanks again!

Demoninme @demoninme

Thanks Rebecca - Olivia. I have lost or loosing confidence in me. This is because of my job and the mistakes I am doing. My boss calls me donkey and brainless. He also has high expectations from me and says you will go high. and I just don’t know what to think…what to believe… My brain is telling me to believe that I am not capable…my sister also says that m not capable… Every day I tell myself that you will do good and then again m back to zero… I don’t how long I’ll be able to go like this… I feel like ending my life… I don’t want to think this…but I am… Thank you for listening


I feel conflicted about my self worth. I know I am capable of doing great things and that I’m doing okay, but I’m not in a great situation and the only person I have much contact with treats me like trash so emotionally I have trouble ignoring that.
I can’t seem to be motivated while I am able to work often. I always feel like their is some obstacle to my progress and then if I get over it I feel like it gets taken away.
Just a rant I guess.


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