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I’m going to join gym tomorrow and I want to go alone but my dad has told my sister to join with me. And I really don’t want to go with her. I really find her very irritating. She’s the kind of person who makes me insecure about my body and talks way too much. And I’m the kind of person who remains quite and don’t talk much. In short, we are almost opposites. And she doesn’t really need to work out, her figure’s good. I don’t know how to avoid her.

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Maybe your father is just being protective…
See dear pandemic has created isolation at places like gym n all
So maybe your father wants you to be safe…
I know it maybe very annoying for you…
But just try to focus on ur purpose…
On your workout …

Ignore her talks
Just plug in earphones while working out
Infact tell her too to enjoy music n not talk much…

Try making new friends there…
Try to mingle with other like-minded ppl
Maybe initially it will be difficult but with passage of time
You will be ok.
So as of now just be happy that you are going to gym
N let not her talks affect you
Just makeup ur mind that you willnot permit her to demoralise you
Dnt allow her talks to enter your heart
Good luck to you
God bless…
Take care.


Thankyou I’ll try this


More practical solution would be put on earbud not only to your ears but to your mind!


I didn’t get you. Can you please enlighten me


I meant you don’t need to listen what comments she makes on you or your body you just need to do your work so stop listening to what she says be like fuck off I don’t care whatever you say