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dhvani @dhvanee

I’m glad @nowandme created a tag for my favourite topic: music. There’s so much music can change. I’ll like to list a few songs that have got moving lyrics, and to add, they are not related to love:

1. Speechless (English, Hindi): by Naomi Scott/ Monali Thakur
[This song is about how a girl feels, and craves for freedom, when everyone tries to keep her mouth shut]

2. Doori (Hindi): by Ranveer Singh
[This song from an Oscar nominated movie, Gully Boy, talks about despite living in the same locality, there is a huge distance between the rich and the poor. This song is most relatable to the Indian situation]

3. Chidiya (Hindi): by Vilen
[This song makes me emotional every time I listen to it. You should hear it yourself. And if you’re a non- Hindi speaker, I suggest you to translate the lyrics, which is the soul of this song]

I’d be grateful to have a sneak peek inside your playlist: do suggest some songs that you want me to hear :)

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hi! i quite like a song called trust me by hellsvstruck !

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dhvani @dhvanee

That’s indeed a great song!


Wanna hear english songs, i have got many.

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dhvani @dhvanee

It would be great if you share some!


Aviva psycho.

Justin oh loving her loving u.

Rival and max hurrel demons.

Hurts like this.

Elektromania sky high…

Elektromania heaven.

fwlr deck the halls.

Trivecta axis.

Grant the edge.

Jonas aden tell me a lie.

Riot overkill.

Put your love in dreamz.

Noisestorm breakout…

Alan walker End of time.

Tokyo machine fly.

The spectre vs darkness faded.

Tech thieves fake.

Alan walker ignite.

Tears of gold

Pretty girl



In the end



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dhvani @dhvanee

I already know some of them, and I’m surely gonna listen the rest too. Thank you for sharing!


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