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I’m from a middle class family. My father used to be a business man once upon a time but with time he lost everything. We left with very less cash, with that money we left our home town and started living from interests gained from that money. I’ve done my bachelor’s of engineering from a reputed college with top rank in affiliated University. I’ve placed in a reputed company but couldn’t take the job as I wanted to go for higher studies. I’ve cracked gate and got into one of the reputed college in India and secured a good CGPA over there. I’ve cleared all the technical interviews but couldn’t able to clear HR interviews, because of which I couldn’t get placed in my Masters. During Masters I loved a girl very much. I started texting her but after few days she told that she’s having crush on someone else. Respected her love I stopped texting her from next day. I couldn’t even see any other girl. I couldn’t even talk to any other girl. I started crying during nights. Nothing good is happening in my life. My friends who took job after bachelors are well settled now, but I being a topper I couldn’t. I used to get attention from my girls in my bachelor’s and masters and couldn’t get a girl I loved. Everything sucks in my life. I am a looser. How to get out of this pain…?

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Aww dear, you’re no loser. You’re a person of will and character. Most people just follow herd culture, they themselves don’t know what they’re doing or what is the value of that which they are doing. You value your education and wanted to pursue it further, which you did.  Don’t think that college placements are the end of the world. For someone with your qualifications, I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities available, which you can search for online too on so many websites. Even if you feel the start is small, do not hesitate. Get going.
Sometimes, when we are not able to see it for ourselves, God is able to sense what is good for us and what or who might not be good for us. So, take it with a pinch of salt, but believe that this was probably in your best interest. There’s a lot more to a good relationship than just attraction. There needs to be mutual respect, you both should support your goals and be each other’s support systems. Your girl, whoever she is, will be waiting for you. Don’t you worry about it. Life has its ups and downs, but you’ve survived all your lows so far and emerged victoriously. So, don’t worry, you’ll. get this too, I totally believe you will!


Thank you very much for filling positiveness in my thoughts…! I’ll work hard to achieve something bigger than just a job…! As of now I’m not eligible for relationship or marriage as couldn’t keep her happy but one day after I’ll become successful then I’ll marry a poor girl with a good character and give her life… Thankyou once again…!


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