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I’m fighting for a separation from my partner in the court of law. I’ve seen some devastating scenes today.

One couple has a daughter who might be around 8-9 years. Her father was yelling that the daughter is manipulated by mother and he wants to take the daughter from the mother. And the Daughter started crying out of loud that she is scared of her father as he tries to hurt her and doesn’t want to go his father even monthly as per the visiting rights.

Another couple has a son aging around 4-5 may be. He is so scared and terrified that he was holding his mom’s hand real tight and that father was also yelling that he wants to take away the boy. People tried to talk to him and he started crying in the court hall that he wants only mama.

I have a son who is 3. My partner just visited the boy only 4-5 times till now and everytime he tried to hurt him by pinching or doing some nonsense.

I couldn’t watch that kids crying over here and now it’s scary that my kid might have to go through all of this because of my partner’s ego. Hope this case doesn’t lead anything as such.

Divorce is not easy but with a kid. It’s scary.

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