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I’m feeling upset.

I feel like I’m disappointing people. Specifically my coach. 5 weeks ago I said I would try to balance my other extra curricular and cross country. 4 weeks ago I was told I didnt make varsity. 4 weeks ago my shin splints got bad, so I dropped out for a while, while I got that checked out. 2 weeks ago we were let out on a 2 weeks break. Today I just got back, and I missed todays practice. I’m stacked in work, and felt I couldn’t go.

I like my coach but this looks really suspicious, to have missed all of those practices.

Before I joined I told her I was doing it for my mental health, but now I can’t help but feel bad for not attending.

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You missed your sessions so it’s alright to be upset about it. But don’t feel disappointed or give up. We are not perfect human beings. We always make mistakes in our lives. You can start again. Your coach would be more happy to see that you are still trying.

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Supriya @kemish


Its okay dear this happens with all of us and its okay as long as you are not disturbing your mental peace its okay to miss out schedule sometimes. The most important thing is to go on and accept the situation and being aware of it and then embrace it happily. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the schedule much. The most important thing is that you tried and you know it. So relax and plan a optimistic path from here for you.


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