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I’m feeling unsure of myself right now. I have been messing up a lot lately and am wondering if the problem is me, or my environment. Lately I’ve had a car accident, bad grades in college, (Covid ofc), and friends or ghost me. I’m just not entirely sure how to take this. I guess I’m anxious about messing up again and how it will affect me in the long run.

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Please don’t feel like you will mess up anything. Concentrate on how you can stop that from happening. I am sure you have learned lessons from the last time things went wrong. Indeed, it is a little hard to adapt to the conditions around us during this pandemic, however, in your case, it really is not about that. I sense some guilt in you. Please shed that. Even if you make some mistakes here and there or don’t perform the way you expect, you should not hold it like a grudge against yourself. This is all a process, no state of being is constant, you will change with time and grow beautifully. Don’t consciously think about being sure about yourself, this self-realization will come when you will least expect. Just involve yourself in creative work, in things you absolutely love doing. Slowly this identity crisis will vanish itself. The accident, the COVID situation, the behavior of your friends, these are all outside your control. Don’t bother about this at all.


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