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I’m feeling unsatisfied by the people I thought would have my back, no one’s really worth the efforts.

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Hey! I know exactly where you’re coming from. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but the sooner you learn - the better it is. You always gotta have your own back. Your family (might) have your back and love you unconditionally but apart from that, there’s no point in putting efforts for anyone else. It really just doesn’t matter. People always disappoint, expectations always disappoint! I’ve learnt very recently that - Just keep focusing on myself and if that makes people think I’m selfish, so be it. I come first, always.


Just stop giving any shit to them and be happy in your own world… we are the only heroes of our life and don’t need untrustworthy person to keep ourselves happy ! If anything that bother our mental health…its good to make distance from them and stop expecting anything from them ! Be your own hero and stay happy! No compaints no demands! 😊


Might seem extreme, but is actually true, most people ain’t shit…


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