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I’m feeling so lonely . My family treats me like trash , they don’t care if I die, it will be privilege for them if I actually died . I never knew what have I done to be treated in this way . My cousins always bully me . They abuse me verbally and mentally . Its so exhausting for me .😖😔

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dont worry they have love with you maybe you didint realize it .god is here for everyone .god will help person who didnt have anything or if you want to talk to talk to your phone or computer or wall when i alone i talk with them cry that will help maybe dont worry😌😌😌


You are worth so much more than the bad stuff they say about you! Not all family is by blood. Search for the people who can appreciate you for you. Just because you’re family doesn’t mean you should keep them in your life.


Hey Ananya
Ones upon a time I felt the same the same thing
My parents were used to be rude with me my sister was tonting
All my fellow cousins were bullying me always make fun of me everything
But I was thinking what did I do that this people are annoyed at me ,tried a lot to find out but I never got to know abt it ( I left that a part )
I have started thinking the same way how u r thinking now ( this people doesn’t care me so I will study well and I will move somewhere )
So that I can be happy there
I concentrated two years in my intermediate I got a good rank and got placed in all the top colleges that was all fine .
But when my results were out I have observed a different kind of behaviour in my family towards me all of a sudden my dad asking me “ what do you want “
My mom “showing all the love and proudly saying that my son got a good rank “ my fellow cousins are started asking what are they supposed to do for clearing the exams all everyone changed towards me in a good way .
What I want to tell you is we don’t know why people are annoyed toward us for some Times so inspite of trying to know what you did , keep that aside and show them your worth.
Show the your worth that they will accept you next time if u have done any mistake also they will support you .
So don’t feel bad abt it dude show them your worth … 😁😁

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So what? I know that might sound heartless of me but listen. It’s not the end of the world. It should motivate you to push harder. Make them regret what they did without words. Show them what you are made of. And I bet you are a real gem on the inside. It makes you stronger. Do you really want to make them win? You are stronger than this! And you know it deep down! Stand up and scream “I will succeed! Even if you don’t believe me! My words will be nothing compared to my actions! Watch me rise to the top!”. The key for change is looking at things at a different angle. We live once. Let’s make it worth it


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