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I’m feeling really lonely. I can’t sleep at night because of it, I put pillows on top of me to stimulate someone hugging me but it doesn’t help. I’m in a really small school and there is no one I can really make a deep connection with.
I think I’m longing for some sort of romantic relationship, I’m considered old enough to start dating.
I keep fantasizing about some dream guy, but it’s just wasting my time and I want a real connection, someone I can just laugh with and be with and just be given attention. I don’t know I’m feeling really stupid right now.
I’ve been going through a hard time and just been depressed lately, and now this feeling of loneliness is getting to me.
What should I do?

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Start to love someone and before that love yourself that’s all


I know this feeling…trust me a relationship is not the answer. You long for a friend you can connect to and be how you want to be. Someone who listens to you, who you can ask deep questions about life, about love, about everything the universe has. I want something like that too, and now it is a bit harder to do so, but they are out there, just hang in there, bring yourself to try to talk to people and see who can help you with loneliness.


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