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I’m feeling quite stuck because of myself and the way I can’t get over the situation.
I am a liar. And it cost me my marriage. I lied a lot about previous relationships, routinely lies about “he said/she said”, common stuff as well.
I know that because of my inability to stop telling lies I’m getting divorced and I never see or speak to this person again.
I used a lot of rationalization to deal with the reality of who am I. And now with this quarantine I am stuck with (still) my husband.
I wrote a list of principles that I should follow in order to be a better person, but on the 6th day, consciously I told a lie. There was literally no reason to do that, everything is so screwed up already, but I still lied.
I want to stop this behaviour because it only makes my life worse. I need someone from the outside of my comfort zone to help me.

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U need to work out more on your principles. .lies never can b escape to any situation and it has worse effect as u better know…!take spiritual help…involve in some peaceful activities like yoga ,meditation and try to talk all your worries with god .You have to 1st make yourself more peaceful from inside and need to b more determine in the resolution u take .
Good luck ahead!

Mr_ @ali1008

contact a psychologist. I think this might be psychological issue.
Find something that brings peace to your heart (Gardening, poetry, reading etc)
Perform meditation & try to train your brain.
Keep mind occupied & if u feel u can even join an NGO.

Gradually this will change.
I am not sure that it will help in ur realtionship but as a person u will feel better.


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