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Noor @daddynoor

I’m feeling quite fine. I’ve installed this app few minutes ago, tbh I don’t know how this work, I thought might as well give it a try.
My sole reason to be here is I want a friend, a true friend, okay let’s cut the crap I’ve never had a best friend and now I feel the need of having one.
My past experiences in friendship has not been great and I don’t know how to make friends, though I can have great conversations but I don’t know how to break the ice in real world so just trying it here in digital way.
Anyone up for being a best friend ? Sounds quite funny :D
A little about me : I’m a girl, living in India, pursuing law, I’m in my last year.

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Noor @daddynoor


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Devil Devil @virain


Shiv Parmar @neel123

Hey, Noor

I like your friendship proposal.
I would like to be your true friend.

rjs @rohanmeet

हेलो नूर नोरीयत छा गई आपके आजाने से

Devil Devil @virain

Hii Noor
It’s virain this side i would like to be your friend

Blueblackshoe @abbas_0

I dunno what to say…

vikram chouhan @vschouhan

Friendship is always a work in progress. And you are not alone my friend, the kind of friends you are talking about, one needs to be truly blessed to find


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