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i’m feeling nothing, which hurts. It’s one of those bad days, they seem to come more often than not now. I have been chronically depressed since I was 14-15 years old and I am now 20. Days like these it’s hard to imagine getting through another 5-6 years of life being and thinking this way. My family and partner are incredibly supportive, but something I have discovered is that this doesn’t help a lot of the time. My partner suggested I find a support group to talk to about it and I found this website. I don’t know how it will go. I hope I am able to speak my thoughts and not feel judged ❤️

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Hi dear,
Don’t be depressed in this age because this is the perfect age
to make your future what is you are , & to do anything in life if you were depressed in this age you will do nothing in your life . So just have a look on your Carrier and do something what’s you liked or loved because we all are have only one life to do anything whatever it is good or bad just go yourself . First of all you better to make a time table to get out tha depression it means you better to give sometime for reading books & doing some exercise or meditation. It will makes you feel better to your mind don’t feel lonely. Keep smiling always 😊😊


I’m the same way and I’m almost 39, so it’s been almost 25 years of this nightmare. It gets better for a short period of time and then I’m back into darkness. Never got any help or have anyone to talk about it as I feel no one understands…


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