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I’m feeling low. I have lost all my friends growing up through years. I’m 20 in the final year of my college. I got married recently. But now I feel like it was a mistake.I am very shy and anxious person and hence we have a huge communication problem. I feel horrible that I have no friend to share or talk with which is mainly because of my parents. They have always restricted me from doing anything fun. They still babysit me l. I just feel like running away and meeting new people leaving everything behind probably start from a scratch. I’m not good in speaki g English and hence please spare the mistakes

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First things first, your command over the language is pretty great! I understood everything very well.

The next thing I feel is your relationship with your spouse. Since it is a new relationship it can take some time and effort for both of you to open up and feel comfortable with each other. If you’re anxious and shy, you can let your partner know about it, so that they don’t misunderstand things and think you are uninterested. Just communicating the fact that you’re shy, shall also be enough. And since they’re your partner, they should know who you are, how you like to express things etc.

As for your parents, I wish I could tell you something could be done, but now that you’re married, the life ahead involves more of your future family than your parents. There’s no harm in starting afresh. You’re only 20, and your whole life lies ahead of you. I’m sure there are some things you want for yourself. So, go out and get them. Try not to abandon your partner if possible, make an effort to make it work, maybe it turns out to be a great relationship!


thank you so much . This means a lot.
the thing is my spouse keeps reminding me everytime how quite and anxious i am and dependant on my parents. He keeps telling me to push my self. I stay with my parents and we hardly speak like once or twice a week. I feel so suffocated. I have no friends. i always long for a group of friends with whome i can hangout. But my mother is a strong believer that friendhsip is temprary and has always stopped me from keeping long term friendhsips. SHE FORCED ME TO SHIFT TO MY NATIVE PLACE TO STUDY SO THAT I DONT TALK TO MY ANY OF SCHOOLMATES. I thoguht marriage was a solution. Now i feel like I screwed up. i just want to run away and build connections.


Be brave. Follow Wat ur heart says. Life is a one time chance, don’t waste it with people u don’t like. I know it would be difficult for u to move out, but it ll be worth.

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