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Paisleygirl @paisleygirl

I’m feeling lost. Like i don’t know what I want at all. Like i can’t have what I think I want. I’m trying to just be patient cus i know everything changes and i pray that one day things will fall into place for me. But right now I am so sad and i keep smiling and pretending everything is okay. No one knows how I’m really feeling.

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Hey, right now I’m experiencing the same thing and if you want someone to talk to I wouldn’t mind listening to all you have to say.

Lots of Love,

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Paisleygirl @paisleygirl

Hi Karolina! I would love to talk with you 🥰


Where can I contact you? 🥰

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Paisleygirl @paisleygirl

Im right here


Feeling the same as well…there’s just something about feeling lost that feels hopeless…keeping it away from others is also isolating…it’s hard to feel positive lately.

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Paisleygirl @paisleygirl

it is hard to stay positive ! Everyone thinks i am, that my sarcastic jokes about the things that are truly hurting me is a great attitude to have to keep smiling through it all and taking everything as it comes. They have no idea that my sunny disposition is actually grey and cloudy. Its easier that way i guess, who wants to be the sad and lonely person all the time?


I can relate a lot to this. I feel empty inside, but I don’t tell the people around me in fear of their judgment and I just act like everything is okay. Just know that you’re not alone! Even if it feels like nobody is there for you, there are people who understand and care for you. Eventually, you won’t have to pretend to be happy and you’ll genuinely feel happy. I hope you feel better soon.

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Paisleygirl @paisleygirl

Thank you. I wish i could meet new friends that are like me. Someone to have my back like i have theirs. My body pillow knows everything and he always listens and is great for hugging while having a cry. But there is just something missing 😕


Well I guess we all are feeling the same nowadays. But it’s good to hear that you are trying to stay positive and smiling. And yes eventually everything will fall in place. Stay strong and stay positive guys.


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