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I’m feeling lost and confused on what to do. I’m in a year and a half relationship with my girlfriend, and it’s been pretty toxic since the beginning. She’s cheated on me with a “close” friend of mine 2 months into my relationship and I got back with her a few days after to give her a chance, and we just constantly fight and I constantly find her lying and being unfaithful to me. Recently she kissed my new “best friend”s sister who’s married and then that night was cuddling with my best friend and rubbing her ass “my best friend is her brothers girl” then blamed it on being drunk. Now im hearing that she wanted to break up with me so her ex can come visit her for a week and try getting back with me. It’s a tough situation because I live with her and I work in the family restaurant, and I have no family out here to help me.

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I know it tough but you got to let that person go… they are not treating you with the respect you deserve… you deserve better and if they can’t get that then they need to go… you need to ask her straight up if she likes you or not… because you don’t deserve to feel like that at all…


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