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I’m feeling lonely.its just that no-one in my understands me.I am sick of everything

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It’s just that my mom shouts on me all the damn time. I have tried to avoid it many a times but she is more into relatives and i prefer maintaing distance from the relatives.She wants me to talk to them weekly. What hurt most was when my mom said that “i believe uh r so arrogant , proud , girl”.It actually breaks my heart because for me family is my first priority and i hate talking to their relatives.What should i do now?


Hello Aanchal,

This is might be really uncomfortable and stressful for you. How about a quick call? I’d be happy to know more about it and would like to help you see things from an angle with some fresh perspectives.

Would like to talk about it? You know we could chat for a bit and see how comfortable you are and we can take from there?

Please know that you are not alone. There’s support available.


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