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im feeling like I need to change, not personality but my attitude. I keep getting myself into issues because I don’t know how to not overreact or I always think everyone is trying to be mean to me or against me. How can I change this, I wanna be a better me. If u have any advice or ways to help me get rid of my shit attitude I’d love the constructive criticism.

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Youtube is a great platform with good content from experienced people or experts in psychology. I’m myself working on improving my personality. Learning how to keep calm and stay humble and let go of things. Learning meditation as well. The fact that you’re trying to become a better version of yourself is commendable. Kudos to you! Most people don’t even realise they have a room for improvement and there can be a healthier way to live life. Make your life less stressful. Go ahead and explore self help videos on Youtube. Sharing a link you can start with. Good luck babe!


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