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Im feeling like i have a hole in my chest, but it doesn’t hurt or anything.All i feel is emptiness and i thought that after some time it will disappear but apparently i was wrong.I thought about ending it so many times now.I don’t know how to deal with it.In the past, i was cutting but now i stopped because is hot outside and there are not many ways to hide the cuts or the scars.Maybe i need help,maybe not.

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The emptiness in our chest can also translate into physical pain. Like actual physical pain. Am I right? It feels as if someone just punched us. I can understand what you’re feeling. It’s a sinking feeling.
I have been through it too!

If it has been bothering you since a very long time, I’d suggest you to please consider taking help- it’s okay to go ask for professional help. Infact you can find a list of available resources here:

Take care!


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