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Im feeling lazy truthfully im probably a weak person so i jusf really want to vent my story.
These days i must be diligent to study cause what? My exam in few weeks
Just because my crush ignoring me i feel down like… (my longest crush) its been 4 years, maybe im not an attractive girl in term of dating I rarely fall in love im quite persistent girl but i get tired too and just when feeling I somehow want to be in relationship, i get down easily and being egoistic stupid like hope ’ hope i got a bf that not just for lingering feeling’ Im serious person and value trust and loyalty… Hmm that just naive thought right
As a girl in my environment is quite bad when u the one like the boys first bcause what usually and commonly is the boy who gonna ask the girl and somehow it just don’t work in reverse. Public opinion comes matter in this case uuggh. I still have lots of responsibility so i just can’t go out with my own thinking.
:-) i wonder what will it become my unrequited love, and my naive thought with bf

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As a boy it is nice someday a girl confront us ,not everyone is loyal and honest . And if you really like that guy then just confront him it will really ok 👌🏻 life is very short for this so just do it best of luck 🤟🏻


Thank you for the feedback :)


No about confronting but what I think is you should not think it as of a responsibility but a sidekick thing, the badass attitude and they’re the one who gets desired partners. Just think of this as a different perspective out of the box, for once.
Have a good day🤙


Thank you :))


Hey, being a girl I have confronted 3 guys and trust me those boys were more impressed with that attitude. It’s a different fact that one of them rejected me but dude I got a different confidence that day and if you do too then even you can feel how strong you will feel later because after that confrontation you will never regret in your life thinking that if you would have got the courage today to confront him, the life would have been a lot different. Seriously life is so short to regret too so just take a deep breathe and jump into it if you are really serious about him. All the best dear.


:)) thank you so much


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