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I’m feeling jealous of my best friend. Not exactly jealous of her but of the attention she is getting. So there’s a guy who is our mutual friend and lately he’s giving her more importance than me. I know I cant lter his behaviour but I’m generally the attention seeker of the group so this feels a bit awkward to me. I know i sound completely stupid but i dont know how to even control this feeling and every time she tals abot him i feel like screaming. I’m not in love with him or anything, i just enjoy the attention.
Lately, Ive stopped talking to her or answering any group calls because i feel i will act out and it will make her feel ba and i dont want that to happen. This is my internal problem but i dont know how to get out of this?

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its OK to want attention, we all need attention here and there, some of us more than others. As long as nobody is getting hurt I think it’s fine. and you’re doing the right thing to not answer if you’ll hurt people. Maybe talk to her, tell her you feel bad? IDK sorry!


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