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I’m feeling hurt by my boyfriend of 3 years who told me he is not sure whether he wants me in his life. I told him it’s over. I really loved him and even last year he proposed to me. But this year he has changed. I’m hurt and can’t stop crying

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Raghav @r4gh4v

Hey, don’t cry or panic… things will be alright I promise, it always does…
Abhin bhi the story is not over… what was his response when you said it’s over?


He said he don’t know yet. I told him only call me if you know the answer. Is been 2 days and no answer. So im guessing is over. It hurts because I still love him.


Calm down … listen to me it might hurt now but suno jo hota h ache k Lia hota hai … ek bat btao kya tum Sch m Ase insan ko life m deserve krti ho jo Tumhe lekr sure hini hai jo abhi se itna sure nhi h socho by chance vo jbrdasti relation m aa b gya to tum uske ek ek bat p kitna dependent hojaogi har vkt insecure rhegi is relation me … happiness pta h kb milti h jb relationship mutual ho … Ase insan ka wait krna chodo jo tumare ko lekr clear nhi h … Ase insan ko choose kro jo 1000 % se bhi jada sure ho Tumhe lekr … believe me. And you deserve that my girl … Abhi bura lgega but kuch tym bad ye chije they won’t hurt you much … Apni life k bare m socho ye relation agr ho b jata to kitna toxic hota … go behind your happiness … Khush rho … i m sure one day you will find someone really good

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Açha Bacha @soft_forest_2

Dil ko samjhao mitr


Being with someone for a lifetime takes a big commitment and people aren’t ready these days for it.
Rather than being upset, talk about it to him.
Ask him what made him change his mind. You guys can sit and resolve issues.


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