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I’m feeling horrible lately. It all started with my parents. Recently my gums has been infected [its receding and and there’s a burning sensation on my tongue,lips, and gums (anybody know what is this disease? been googling and the result is only sensodyne and listerine ads)] and I told my parents about it. All they did were giving their own remedy, which is USELESS and NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. I did slowtalked to them - telling them their remedies are useless which only led them being mad at me. We haven’t talk for 3 days now. How do I deal with this? I can’t even go to the doctors due to the lockdown.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Can completely understand how stifling this must be for you. How about connecting with a doctor online, via Practo or Lybrate (if you’re in India) or other similar services/websites in your region, you can then send in images and symptoms to them (or whatever they advise you to do) and they might be able to help in that way. Basically, it’ll be like taking online consultation, and you can pay them digitally if they agree.


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