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I’m feeling helpless. You go most of your life single hoping to meet the one. And you finally do! You finally met the right one. You meet him and it’s the most amazing time. It’s everything you ever dreamed of. But the problem is he lives in Mexico and you in the USA. He can’t come easily to the United States due to not having a visa and I don’t have the funds to get him a k-1 visa. It’s like I’ve waited all my life for love and I finally get it with the most painful and difficult obstacles. Like why me, why this and why couldn’t this be easier for me :( I have been depressed but happy. I hope I can marry him and move him here with me. I deserve to be happy and I am around him.

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Turtle @turtle09

Happy Valentines day dear!
Hope you guys figure it out and stay together 🤞🏻

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Dear Love is never a easy thing to do and life is never fair and sometimes or I say most of times life take your test by put you difficult situations so it is just simple test and that is what life do to us so I hope both of you stay strong and stay together


Yes!! This is probably a sign that you’re meant for each other because you’d do absolutely anything for the one you love

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