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I’m feeling frustated and sad today, from past 1 week me (21) and boyfriend (28)have been going through arguments. Reason is just that he doesn’t give time to me, even though live just right down to my home. I can see him spending all time with his family which is really good but even when he is free he doesn’t text neither calls. Have told him many times that i am feeling ignored and he says that is not the situation and when i ask him about the reason he just says he is not able to manage his time. Sad part is that he is having time to thats pub g game for hours but he doesn’t have time for me and i’m just unable to understand what to do as in mind m just having only thoughts about him. I have tried giving some gap in our convos and tried taking out for myself for new hobbies still can’t stop feeling so ignored. 😖😭

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i got your post now. How is it going now?