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I’m feeling depressed and stressful. My parents are not happy couple and there will always be some fight or the other in the family. I feel insecure. I have many cousins but none of them are close. All these made me feel very bad. I thought of making a friend outside my family and tried to support from that friend to overcome my insecurity. Things went smoothly for few years but again in the last one year, it started to be shaky and yesterday it ended. I hurt people who help me and I’m not able to understand even simple things without saying. I long for people but I don’t know how to hold on in the relationship. My insecurity of having no one for me haunts me day and night. I don’t even have a close friend with whom I can vent out. Life seems to be horrible. My career achievements are not making me happy. I don’t want to end my life. I need some motivation to live. Is there any way to overcome my insecurity and build good relationship with people whom I had good relationship earlier?

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there are lot of possibilities still out there. May be you should be concerned for people who are concerned about you. Dont think much. Try talking to your closed ones. Else you can share here. When ever you feel lonely let me know. I will try best to eradicate such feeling for you. Im here friend 😍😍


Thanks for replying. My close friend is not willing to talk to me as I have hurted him a lot. I didn’t hurt him intentionally but did it out of anger. Even he did lot of mistakes. But he fights by pointing out only my mistakes. I don’t know how to handle it. I will be happy if he talks to me but the bare minimum I want is make him understand my situation and then apologize for my act. I don’t know whether I should apologize. What should I do?


Give sometime , talk to them, open yourself if they are truly your friend they will understand if they don’t. …you however have me😊😊you can talk to me


Sure. I will definitely give time to my friend. Thank you so much for being there for me



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Hey, I think it’s okay sometimes to let people go . If they are meant to be in your life they will be there no matter what . Guess what? Even i am like this a bit insecure for my friends and in my opinion there is still time . Many people will be part of your life and .any people will leave . You just focus on people who stays in your life . And then here are we , Whenever you feel like venting out . We will be here always

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Hey, r u the person I know?
Trust me I have 1 person who is ditto.
Pl open up with all those who care for you.
Broke parents are a curse and the consequences are directly borne by the children.
Pl can u reach me out on personal contact, to better address, discuss and much a better outcome!
Stay positive, think different, its ur life and handle with love, care and happiness.
Affection will follow.
Do not let your parents behaviour influence you any further.

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