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Iโ€™m feeling demotivated today because of my boss. i have been working for 2 years and he exactly know how i do my job task. I always finish my job on time, i dont care working extra hours, i go extra miles to finish my work task. But, today he just coming back from his long holiday. I have one pending task which is regarding on recruitment of staff. As we work in-site of oil & gas company, recruitment of staff is a bit different. We need to submit a writing report for each of staff (medical, resume & justification on why we need new staff), then company will give us a date for safety induction. Since last week was a long weekend including public holiday, progress on getting medical check up & submit to the company is postponed but we need new staff immediately because new contract have been received from this oil & gas company.

On today meeting, he was angry with another staff and on top of that, recruitment progress are pending. He said that iโ€™m not follow up with high-ups and he ask other person to take the job.

Nothing to his know, that before, during and now, even on the long weekend i have been contacting and follow up daily and try to make sure all staff will be ready by 8/8. The progress right now ia about 10% left but he doesnt listened and give this to other people to finish. That person are not even brief by me yet and sent an email said that she need new staff like i am not doing anything for entire week.

i am upset to the point iโ€™m not able to sleep.

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