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I’m feeling anxious about that I’ll die lonely. I know that the relationship with myself is what matters the most, but what if -
1) I don’t find someone whome I have a romantic relationship
2) I don’t find the group of close friends whome I can share a great bond with
3) I don’t find a soulmate/my marriage turns up bad

What if all of this happens and I can’t then focus on anything?

Post anonymously?

haha don’t worry buddy. live in the present. give out love. youll get it back. for sure. dont worry about the future. things will be alright<3


Hi dear friend,
Seems like u are overthinking…
Insecurity about future especially about relationships is very inevitable
But then by u thinking about it is something good happening
Any advantage???
Instead I feel u are bothering n stressing urself??
Think it this way
Are u sure you are going to be alive tom???
Are you sure you are going to see 2022
So basically all i am trying to state is every aspect of future is so very uncertain…
Suppose today u are happily into relation
Can u guarantee that tom too that scenario will be same???

So if u have something also
You always have a fear to lose it
Because ultimately life itself is temporary
N so is everything n everyone…

enjoy ur present
Live it to the fullest…
Rest have full faith in urself n the universe…

Good luck to u
May god bless u
May all your desires come true very very soon
Take care.

Hey buddy first relax and I tell you a fact that everyone die alone and it is universal fact and another fact that romantic relationship I don’t think they ever exist look romantic relationship only happens in movies or maybe in novels not in real life because you never say those cheesy line or do things because in matter of times these things look creepy or boring and now important part is that the most worst scenario or things which happens in life is stuck with wrong person see if you stuck with wrong person this happens with most of peoples and they are afraid to accept it so if that thing happens then you can’t complaint nor you ever accept that mistake so beware to that so take your time and don’t waste your life because it is precious buddy


So well written
I mean very word written by u is so very true…
Thanks a lot for expressing so well
Loved ur response…

Yes totally agree love in movies n novels can never be the love in real life…

N yes ending up with wrong one is the worst punishment
Better to be alone
Than be with wrong one…
Take care

Thanks to read my reply and I feel it is good when someone read your thoughts and also appreciate them