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I’m feeling lonely nowadays
I have many friends to talk
But no one to share my feelings with.
It’s like No one wants to listen your shit anymore
But i badly want to move on
I’ve lost my self confidence
I think like 10 times before saying something
I wake up after seeing her in my dreams each morning.
And due to this I think of her all the day
It’s been like a month
And i can’t do anything about it
What should i do ?

Is there a way to forget her?

3 replies

Yes, there is a way to forget her. But first of all come in terms of where you stand when it comes to her. Ask yourself what do you feel for her, what is the level of your feeling. Then think about the reason you both are not together, accept that reason and then start with moving on. I know it is easier said than done but you gotta do something.
The thing of you not having anyone to share your feelings with, be that person for yourself. Express yourself via writing, write in your diary or in any notes app in your phone but do write. Share your thoughts, your feelings with your ownself.


Try new things,new hobbies , start doing exercise , go to gym as it will change your surroundings.Amd accept the fact that she is gone. Afterall only u can control your action ,emotions but not the other person. We all have heartbreaks nd u should accept this . Crying is not the option. Just remeber the good memories of u with her nd get control on urself


Yes, just like there’s a key to every lock. Every problem has a solution. In your case, maybe you should stop counting for how long you haven’t talked to each other, or stop stalking him on social media…Just get occupied, don’t let his thoughts to fill in your space. Choose wisely the people who deserve you, your time and efforts. You’re the best!


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