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I’m feeling alone
My boyfriend blocked me. I’m not able to sleep without him.i want to talk to him, but he doesn’t want same. I’m lonely just crying but nobody is here for me.i guess I’m gonna kill myself tonight.

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Do you want to talk? You don’t have to take a drastic step just because some boy stopped talking to you. Was that the only reason for your existence. Does this really sounds reasonable to you!


Why the fuck you would do that for a boy who don’t even care about you… Trust me for now you are feeling this way as soon as time passes you will realize the reality and in no time would regret for whom you were thinking of all this… He don’t deserve you girl


Did your boyfriend took care of you from childhood, did your boyfriend took you to school everyday or did your boyfriend had you for 9 months… No it’s your Mom and dad. You’re talking about killing yourself remember the person who cares for you ,your friends, your parents what will they suffer from it. The smile your parents had when you were happy remember it and think what will happen to that smile when you’re gone. You’re just thinking of this just because a boy just blocked you broo just move on I mean there are around 7 billion people in this world and there will be one person who’ll love you unconditionally. Work hard ,study and achieve your goals I guarantee you that success will be at your feet. “Never cry for a person who doesn’t care for you”

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