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I’m feeling alone. I don’t know what to do. my mom has always bullied me into hating my body and even forced a diet upon me, and always calls me useless and worthless. she keeps telling me how I am unworthy of love and nobody will look at me with such a body, a couple of days ago I called her out and she said that she pays for my stuff so I’m obliged to obey her. I told her it’s her responsibility to look after me until I graduate since I didn’t ask to be born. I don’t have any friends with whom I can share I don’t know what to do now. she is ignoring me now and doesn’t even give me food. I have been starving and in pain.

2 replies

Chris @boredaf123


First go get something to eat. Then talk to your father about it.

Ayush Mishra @mishraayush


just talk to her and ask whats the main issue. your body shape is pre decided by god. search for some online paid internship type of thing.


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