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Pawan kumar @pawanism

I’m feeling alone and have an complaint to god for such kind of life I had.

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I feel the same exact way…for a time, I truly believed in God and religion…even when bad things happened to me and around me…before I realized bad things always happen…and sometimes they happen to good people…I became angry with this false-god… “If he exists then he is a cruel god” …examples are everywhere…people who habe hurt me tremendously are fine albeit in a better state than I…and claim to be ultimate worshippers of him and his word, when in-fact, they are the ultimate hypocrites. … I stopped this belief because it was hurting me more-so… And rather to the power we have within ourselves to make a change…we are the “gods” of this world…we decide our actions and fates…this coukd be a truly empowering belief…because it, at least to me, shows thar the people who truly have made positive change in this world, do so because if their own good …not because some fate deemed so. We have the power to do-right, and seek our own happiness…and right our own wrongs. So to, do you.

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Ryt Buddy and thnx for your words.

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