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I’m feel like nothing .
Grown-up as career oriented girl.
Being graduated and jobless is
disheartning .I feel like not to talk to anybody of my frndcircle.
Don’t know what happen .but I can’t concentrate on study .I know I should study but …

Plz motivate me .guys to( study.)
I’m just waiting for previous given exam result .pray that I got succeed.

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Ramesh N @nova1403

In my guess by your statement. You have 3 ways,
1. Search normal job - live as normal life.
2. Go abroad - attend exams - get job - there are plenty of jobs in canada.
3. Start your business - you have plenty of ideas in your mind- start hotel,supermarket,farming,fertlizers, pet growing, xerox shop, if you 2 lakhs you can open small project company like bpo, web developing, you can hire small team, recruiting them with salary upto 8k., buy cows sell milks, dairy products. Do catering n get contracts for function.
Its all your mindset.
I am too but, i am lazy, i don’t have good financial family background. I don’t have investments. I have many ideas in my mind. I left my previous job - low pay salary for high profile work(i am IT technical executive. Where as i got promoted for high profile company(got low salary 10k) - i can work 4 to 8 computers repairs at a time. So my company(last worked site) put me in high profile company. I had a control over 700 computer, i done 5 mens job by myself, i done overtime, but the company gave 46k to my company(contract) - i got only 10k(3k for bike fuel,3k for food hotel,3k other spendings, nothing i have) ,but i got offer from another 2 company, so i resigned my job, but my company got that news that i got higher salary offer, so they delayed my resignation letter. I stopped working.i got break in my carrier. I am 30 yrs, getting money from parents (1k - 10 days), my relatives nowadays don’t respect me, i tried applying job in abroad through my uncle - i was getting flight ticket over april 14,2020 , but due to corona, it all cancelled again n again. Still searching for good job with high salary.
Don’t end up like me, i guess you have talent. Explore the world, have a good carrier.
Select the job which satisfying you.
Have a nice day.


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