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I’m exhausted. It’s like the loneliness is set deep within my bones. I hate relapses. It makes me feel horrid and the worst thing is people are still telling me it’s all in my head even after having seen a psychiatrist and a therapist and being on medications. Is it wrong of me to be angry at my fellow medical students? How can someone be so insensitive? It also doesn’t help that I barely have friends. I have no one to talk to except myself which usually results in a vicious cycle of overthinking.

But mostly I think I’m angry that justice is more often than not delivered. That the people who shared my diagnosis are acting like I’m the one at fault.

And it worries me everyday, what they may do to me next. I’m not paranoid because their friends harassed me for months later. Here I. 6 months later, still wondering how to recover fully from such a traumatizing experience, wishing that I didn’t look behind me every step of the way. Wanting to move but being unable to trust. And stuck waiting for the next disaster to happen.

Please help? I feel so alone, scared and miserable.

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Hey! We are always here for you.As uh said about your experience and its after effects… its just if you will always stay under the effect of that experience than the particular person is successful in walking over you. Its normal for you to being stuck n not able to trust…but it could affect your daily life more. Try to think of happy, carefree you before that incident,try doing things u r passionate about, discover new things… mayb it could help you be yourself again. N no its not your fault. You didn’t ask for any of this. People just want something to say as they could do what they were supposed to. Live in the moment, don’t let that experience dictate your life. N even after such experience you are striving then u r brave n will move from this.😊🤞🏻


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