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Pholosho @blessing

i’m exhausted. from being strong. helping
people. pretending. everything hurts. i constantly feel sick. and i don’t now how I’ll get Out of it.i guess it takes time. but how long do i have before i lose myself, everyone around me and completely drown. the voices in my head don’t make it any easier either. why did you do that? should’ve of done that? you should shut up. they’ will all leave you anyways why can’t I be someone else? All i will say is that this life is getting tiring
and fast. i just hope i stay afloat before i get pulled down all the way.

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Hetu Chaudhari @hetvi011


It’s okay it’s not your fault, I feel that way too, sometimes all you want is someone to listen to without being judged and you also want to be feel heard and understood. It’s okay, it’s okay to be a human with flaws.


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