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I’m everything that can go wrong with a girl…I’m flawed…I have scars …bald spots …never had a bf…lost interest in my hobby… I feel like I have nothing… I dont have friends… I try to be helpful and act like nothing is wrong but I feel worthless… I think most days that I wish I could go back in time and give myself the confidence that noone gave me …that my parents stole from me… That I actually felt the way most people take me as…stuck up…at least I would be confident and wouldnt have these flaws from people hurting me… I feel worthless as a woman…and as a human…failing on both spectrums of either career or attractiveness…

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Hello beautiful lady, you don’t need a time machine to boost your confidence. You can do it right now and anytime. You have lost interest in your hobbies na then find yourself new stuffs. I’m not saying you’re the best because no one is. Everyone in this world gets born and then struggles and eventually die. But the thing that makes anyone different from others is their mentality and your mind is something which you train. It’s up to you that you have to feel useless or you have to tell your mind and everybody that no I’m best for myself.
There is a song in which there’s a line says kabra par sar utha ke khadi ho zindagi aise marna h mujhe.
choice is only and only yours :)


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