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I’m emotionally hurt deeply, I don’t think it would heal. I want to free myself from this suffering. I want to end this humiliation, I want to end this pain.
I want to die.

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Løst Bøy @harsh415

Don’t worry yr everything gonna be alright…you are not alone…


Nothing is gonna be alright. I’m Collapsing inside out. Feeling ashamed the way people crushing my existence.

Kashifa Hadia @kashifa

Oh My God dear…don’t think like that…Wish yourself a good luck…Think good about everything and good will return to you…Make yourself busy in doing things which make you happier…leave the friend circle which encourages your hobbies and actions…

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Anyone one from Mumbai 🙌
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Unknown @ignored_guy

Heyy need some to talk...
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sayanna @sayantini

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Aalind @aalind96

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Neil @sguha_03

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Siddhant @sid_701_

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Koi humse bhi baat karlo