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I’m doing quite fine, I am just looking for some boy advice. Here it goes:
have a situation going on with a guy since last summer (July-ish). He texted me when he was drunk whether I wanted to be his friend with benefits. I thought it was a joke and laughed it off. Two weeks later, we were both tipsy/drunkish and we ended up together on a couch taking about random stuff (which is normal, since we are friends). He kept asking me whether I wanted to have sex with him, to which I answered no. At one point he asked me why and I told him I only want sex when I’m in a relationship. Then he answered the he wants a relationship. I told him that I want a relationship with someone that actually likes me. And then he says that he likes me. I didn’t know how to respond, because at that point I didn’t like him. And I didn’t want a relationship with him. Then he started watching porn, which I thought was odd, but not surprising for him. He always does stuff like this. We were just casually talking about the porn and I said something about one woman’s nipples. I told him I thought they looked weird, he didn’t understand me. I showed him mine for comparison. Not much later he asked me whether he could touch my boobs, I was fine with that. I made him stop watching porn, cause that was too weird for me at that point. Then we kind stopped talking and at one point he got up, said it was too late and left for his house. By this point I realised his friends with benefits question wasn’t a joke. A couple of weeks later he texted after we had hung out with friends that he liked that night and whether he could come over to do it again. He had been an asshole that whole night, so I said that to him. The next morning I got an apology. Ever since that night we have been flirting with each other and making references to that night. I have come to a point where I would like to see where this ends up and I just want to know whether he likes me. He started sending me funny videos and I have been sending them back. Our flirting has become more intense, but his messages are so mixed. At friend hangouts he is on tinder trying to find a fuck buddy, but hearing from his friends that know him very well they say he is just joking and he doesn’t actually want that, because if he wanted that, he would have it. Then last night he sent me a video where the visual was some car and the sound was a motivational speaker that ended with something like: the over thing that is more beautiful than your smile, is your personality. I was very confused by this, because this is very out of character for him. So I assumed he just meant the car (since he is a car guy) and I asked what he meant with this. Normally he would’ve already sent me something, but now he didn’t. I’m not sure what to think of all this. And I’m very confused. Is there someone who thinks they can interpret this correct for me? Or give me some solid advice

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Take some time off. And spend time with friends and family .that should work for you.

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Ujjwal @ujjwals

He’s so horny for you and wants to fuck you. In sexual intensity he’s said he wants relationship but he don’t want it truly. Maybe spending more time you both might fall in love(less probable because sex his priority), as per now it’s seems sexual only.


He is so confused for himself , may be he dont want some sex may be he needed those cuddles or love what couple can do ,but he is insecure that he can looses ur friendship may be

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He only and only wants to use you, better stay away from such guys !

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Now&Me @nowandme

hey fren 🤍 we think talking to an expert might help you. we have an expert feature here on now&me where u can speak to an expert and gain new perspective as well as effective solutions to ur situation. do give it a try. we think u will like it 🤍🧡😊


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