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I’m currently working as a call center agent who graduated college 2yrs ago (took Computer Science course but not really good at it) I don’t know what career path should I take back then that’s why I end up working in BPO.

I’m not really proud with this job since most of my neighborhood who’s still in high school or is undergrad is also working in BPO, it’s like I graduated college just to work in BPO (but BPOs have a nice pay to it’s people, srsly!)

Back then, people around me I think do have high hopes that after I graduate I’ll be successful with my job which is inclined with my course, little did they know that I really don’t like taking that course and I just continued studying because I don’t want to waste time starting another course which I also don’t know (I really don’t know what I want to do in life, poor me🤦‍♀️)

I’m continuously working even if I don’t love what I’m doing since I have to support my sister who’s still in college and also paying bills and groceries for my family. I’m single guys, and been working for almost 2yrs and until now I don’t have savings because of my family. Sometimes I feel tired because there’s a lot of things I wanna try and places I wanna go.

It’s getting longer but seeking some advise on what to with my life because I’m getting sick this, I need to save up, I don’t have emergency funds as well, what if my parents got hospitalized in the future considering their age knocks on the wood I felt stagnant.

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Please don’t worry about what people think and about their hopes about what you would do. You don’t need to take that pressure on you, honestly. You just need to focus on finding that thing which makes you feel happy.

Even if it takes time to figure it out, it’s okay. Give yourself that chance and opportunity to find what you love, it’ll be worth it. Try different things. take up different projects, enhance your skills and see what makes you feel the most satisfied and content.


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