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i’m currently in my room crying but i felt the need to get this out. i found out today i have to perform in this little christmas play my church is doing. performing and speaking in front of the church makes me really nervous for some reason, i feel like they’re so much more judging i guess? and, being a teen, i asked my mom if she’d gotten any calls for a parent teacher conference, since they’re supposed to be in november, and it’s the 14th and she hasnt had one yet. she then yelled at me for the second time that night (first time was that i needed to be happy about the play or no electronics until january) saying that she didnt need to be nice to me and that she cant control everything that happens, and that i’m lucky i even go to school. all i asked was a simple question though. and just sometimes i feel like she gets annoyed with me, but i’ve been struggling with a LOT of nervousness and ive been breaking down a lot recently because i feel like im not good enough at all. i’m doing so bad in science right now, ive failed a test and a quiz. none of it makes sense and i think i’ll be kicked out of science honors soon because of it. im just so stupid and i feel like people just DONT like me. does my family even like me? my sister doesnt like me very much. is it the same for everyone i know because i feel like it is. sorry for bothering you if you read this, but thank you for reading.

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It is Nothing like that. Life is a Seven stage journey and with one New chapter everyday you have to be strong and fight with them.these small situations will help you to fight big situation. If you failed in test thn thats not a problem everyone fails. I got 4 times failed in my Engineering exam even thn i dint quit i got finally passed in 5th time so life is not to Run…you have to walk smoothly and enjoy every Moment.


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