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I’m currently in emotional turmoil. I was in relationship for 5 years. I tried to breakup with him but he somehow managed to keep it going. I don’t make much efforts because i don’t feel that strongly. He loves me but i don’t(i think i don’t). I refused to marry him but he called my sister explaining everything about our relationship even told his parents but i never said anything to my parents. I’m very close to my sister and i felt really really bad she had to find out this way.

He’s still thinking i will marry him and he just can’t accept it. I’m scared and confused that if somebody is trying to fight for me so much he might be worth it.

But i don’t really like being forced or work on clock for such matters. I have been too lenient and feel bitchy for refusing to marry after 5 years of relationship.

Any advice is welcome. Help please.

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Hey there…the way he is doing efforts really shows how much he loves you . But, if you don’t like being with him or marry him ,you need to talk to him about it . At the end, he will accept after some time . He loves you a lot , he will take his own time for it but please tell him . If you have feelings for him , then don’t miss out on such a guy but if you don’t then let him know. it’s okeey you know that even if you don’t want him , but if it goes on like this it will spoil both of your lives . It will be really hard to deal with him , but i think it’s imp that he knows about it . If you feel like this because of some misunderstanding or so , then clear it otherwise be honest with him . I understand he is really worth it ,but if you don’t feel love for him , then express it to him . One sided relationships don’t work always and both of you wouldn’t be happy. It will be hard for him now but yes, it will be better for both of you.


I know he does. But the problem is i don’t have such strong feelings. Also My parents always compares me and my sister and they are comparing him with other my sisters husband and will not treat the way he should be and i cannot let that happen to him. He is a nice guy after all.

But i don’t wanna marry just because i have been with him for so long. I want to be able to make compromised and efforts on my own , not by him asking me to.


It’s okeyyy…don’t worry…just express all this to him . he will understand and i am sure you both will move on in your life after some time . And yes, don’t worry you are right in your decision . If you don’t feel like marrying him , then don’t bcz in this way many lives will get spoiled .


Thank you! It does feel better to vent out to somebody who is impartial and gives genuine advice.


I am happy if in any way i could help you .


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