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I’m currently in a relationship with someone that’s younger than me. It’s only by 2 years, I didn’t think it was a big deal. Looking at it now it seems to be, my friends constantly make jokes about it. Overall, I definitely like the person, but this is probably my first serious relationship. I’m so used to people leaving or not staying that I assumed be wouldn’t last thing long(5 months). I joked about breaking up when I start college, because it’ll be a new chapter and I don’t want a relationship to be a distraction or prevent me from experiences.I also want him to have fun and experience more too. We’re young, we have so much time to focus on a relationship. Am I wrong for wanting to break up? We’ve talked about it, He’s told me he understands. I’m just generally lost on what to do. Friends are telling me I’m dragging him on, If I knew this I shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship with him. I agree, but I personally think every relationship is a trial and error, to prepare you for marriage or your forever person. My intentions were to never waste his time, or drag him on. Reality hit me when I realize, how the age difference is gonna awkward until we both graduate college. Sorry idk if this makes any sense, but I needed to get it all out.

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Hey there… I understand what situation are you going through .Don’t blame yourself or make yourself feel guilty. It’s allright . You never considered the fact that age difference will create trouble for you but it is doing now . It’s okey and people do mistakes . Mistakes are done so that we can learn from them . If you really love him , then don’t think about the age difference but if you think you hould let it go then . Move on and you have a long way ahead . You will meet the right person for yourself. Enjoy your life .

Vignesh @vignesh

I am also committed to a girl who is 2years elder then me. It not about u r dragging him or he is dragging you. From my site of view. We are just traveling with the life. If he loves you by soul he will be with you till your last breath. Same for you too. Don’t talk about breakup it’s not easy for anyone too lose there love one. Life is one time opportunity. Use it wisely don’t get hurt and don’t hurt anyone. Because we don’t know what other people are going through. From me you both will be looking so beautiful together ❤️💯 stay together and explore


you’re not wrong. its okay to change your mind and want something different, which means breaking up. don’t feel guilty. the age gap is a tiny bit of an issue, especially if you’re with the wrong person. don’t worry! all is okay, just make sure you explain everything clearly to him so there are no unanswered questions on his mind


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