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Hey Hey @magnesium100

I’m confused and lost

Ever since I started studying in med school, it’s like the whole world is turning against me. People expect me to be smart but I can’t help them, they make me doubt my abilities. People also set expectations on me that I have difficulty keeping up with.

I don’t feel welcome in university, it’s so hard to study without the essence of others abusing my mind to make me quit. I failed my first exam…

Still trying to recover from my past trauma but now everything is rubbing salt into my wounds.

I just want to be efficient, I want to be able to help everyone. But if I try to do that, I end up hurting myself…

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Ricca Chand @ricca


Hey its totally fine to fail in med school, over the time you will get used to it. Gone are the school days where we used to get full marks, now it’s all about just surviving this. There needs to be immense efforts to just pass now, don’t feel pressurised, just relax and think about how much you wanted to be in this place you are rn, many doesn’t make it. What matters in the end is that sparkle of gratitude in the eyes of a patient treated by you. It’s a long way, but don’t loose hope.

Hey Hey @magnesium100


I guess you have a point there, in the end, what matters the most is that I help my patients. Maybe if I change my focus from getting good grades to getting the knowledge I need to help patients, it can help me a lot…


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