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I’m confused and frustrated. 😥
I’m useless. I’m stupid.
Please God help me.
I don’t know what to do now.
I’m hopeless. Please get me out of here.
Am I insane?lately, I realize most of the time I’m just staring in our roof and talking to myself laughing and crying. Im totally depressed. 😭 Lord I’m tired. I want to let go of myself. I need to rest. I feel suffocating I can’t breathe anymore.
God😭 how much time do I need to suffer? How much time do I need to feel the pain. I am done.!

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oblivion @kousheyi

Hey hey, calm down. It’s hard on each one of us here. And who said you’re useless and stupid? The fact that you could vent out here itself is a big achievement. There are so many things that you’re going through, but still you don’t let anyone know that right? You’re always trying to be the best version of yourself for others. That makes you so special. Do me a favour would you? Watch some of your favourite movies, take a loooong shower and dance to bollywood classics. Take a a break my friend, you’ve been through a lot. You deserve it. Sending loads of hugs to you. Know that you’re loved❤️

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Relax Dear.We are here with you.share Your emotions here😁


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