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The Wolverine @damned_guy

I’m confused about myself… Maybe I relied too much on one person… Now I can’t control my emotions when someone asks me about myself… I don’t have confidence… I don’t sleep well and most of the time my mind’s not in the present… I keep thinking about why I’m getting hurt… There’s so much going on in my life… and the saddest thing is I can’t tell it to anything to my friends or family… I’m scared I’ll because someone will judge that will be no use to my condition and it’ll demotivate me…

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande

I can feel the weight of what you’re going through, and it’s a lot. Dealing with multiple issues can be overwhelming, and addressing them with the support of a trained mental wellness expert is crucial.

Resolving deep-seated issues affecting your self-esteem, sleep, and causing confusion is an important step toward healing. As a seasoned counseling psychologist, I can assist you in identifying the root causes and guide you through techniques to build resilience.

If you’re up for it, I’m here to help you navigate through these challenges and support you on your journey to becoming stronger and more resilient. Feel free to reach out whenever you’re ready.

Take care,
Counseling Psychologist Bhavna Pande


I, too, feel sometimes in the same way… I still have not figured out any solution, but I would say be positive and be on the track of healing ✨️ one day. This all will just be a memory, and you’ll be so fine on that day…
Till then, take care of yourself
And I would recommend talking to someone you trust without thinking of judgment will really help you
Also, try not to rely on someone this time… in my case, if I share my thoughts with someone, I started relying on that person, and that dependency led to hurt my feelings only… so better you should be aware of your bond

All the best for your healing journey ✨️ I know you can do it☺️


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