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Body DysmorphiaThought

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I’m chubby from my childhood and being that I think is not different from a curse. People bullied me since childhood about my body, my health. I was a happy kid , talking with strangers to play with kids who was new to the society keeps me happy. In short I was a social person till my middle school. When the so-called compliments hit me, I became quiet. It hurts to hear so many names because of my body, people don’t think the effect of their words. I am still not a person who talks much or socially active. I do not tell my feelings or i think I can’t. I get scared when people come closed with me because I know after sometime they will eventually leave me.
I am a middle child who doesn’t got much attention and love by parents and family. They called me fatso and many more names a s a joke but who explained them that it’s not a joke to me, not anymore when I think to end my life sometimes. Beacuse of my loneliness, fear I lost my boyfriend cause everytime he confess his love to me, my insecurities got the best to me. I don’t know what to do, how to feel loved ,how to feel important in my life, and most importantly how to look beautiful and happy…

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