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I’m blessed enough to say I have a family. The perfect one? Not really but I can rely on them for my basic necessities and happiness. I have a group of friends who are wayyy nicer than the group I was a part of back in school. We all meet each other almost every day and now during lockdown video call each other and stay connected. Taking part in extra curricular activities that I never got a chance in school to participate ( or was too shy to step forward). Life is good.
Having all of this, why do I still feel lonely. I don’t even know if it’s loneliness or something else. I cannot give it a name of what I’m going through. It’s complicated. When I’m out with my friends we all have a good time. But the moment I’m back at home. The whole vibe changes. I really don’t know. I feel like people don’t get me( not that I’ve shared my problems or anything) but ughh! I don’t know!
I really don’t.

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I believe sometimes this void comes from feeling that there’s no ‘purpose’ that we’re working towards or a particular ‘mission’ which we are set out to do.

I would say that please try putting your efforts and energy into something you really really enjoy doing apart from school and studies and all. Take up something which will make you feel like you’re doing something of value, maybe that helps!

And, it’s completely normal to have everything in life but still feel lonely. It’s normal to have an amazing family and good friends but still feel lonely. I feel it too sometimes but what personally helps me is having a purpose I am working towards. That I am working hard to achieve something in life!


The problem is I’m not able to find that purpose in life. Whatever I pick up, I lose interest in it. I don’t know what my purpose is in life. Not even confused, just have no idea.


What I can infer from your thought is that you are still in school which means you are very young. I really think you should give yourself more time to figure out what is your purpose. I didn’t know till the age of 21. So, right now is the time for trial and error. Take up as many things as you can, try them out until you find the one that sticks with you!!!


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